Skrip - tyur' - i - ent: adj. Possessing the violent desire to write.


#303 In which our hero shakes off the cobwebs of apathy and returns to his scribbler’s desk.

Hi! Hi!

This blog is one of those things that sits at the back of my brain and occasional pokes at me, saying, “Hey! Hey! Update me! What’s your deal?” But lately I’ve been sorta apathetic about non-work related writing. Plus, with this new job I no longer have an office to myself, I sit in a cube where anyone strolling by can look down and see what I’m writing. But honestly, that’s a bit of an excuse… I suspect that most people—if they care what I’m writing at all—only see words on paper, not “OMG that dude is wasting company time writing blog entries! Must call HR!!”

A big part of my reluctance to just hammer out some entries is that:

A.) I’ve structured my writing so that entries are generally of a long and involved sort. I feel like I need to write something of substance to fill them out. I mean, the last time I wrote here was for my annual Father’s Day letter to my dead dad, so that’s some weighty stuff. Following that up with how I can never seem to get a decent Reuben sandwich out feels a little frivolous.

B.) I’ve gotten way behind on stuff that’s happened to me. Like the new job, and the girls’ starting school again, and how my wife just bought a new horse… I feel like I can’t write about the most recent stuff until I get past the stuff that’s already happened and then you’re talking about writing four entries, not just one and oh-my-oh-my who has the time?


So, I’ve decided that I’m going to re-think the way I structure this thing (and that is probably a completely esoteric writer’s thing: who really cares if my writing is following an established hierarchy week to week? I do.) and take a page (i.e., completely rip-off) another blogger’s page whom I recently rediscovered, Mimi Smartypants. She chucks together a bunch of sometimes random topics, gives each its own subhead and calls it done.

I can do that.

And so I shall, starting later today.


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