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We took the girls to a real studio this weekend. The photos turned out absolutely amazing; we are thrilled with them. The Scientist talks about the experience over on her blog (complete with photo!) so check it out. Just know this: the one photo she has posted doesn’t even come close to capturing the cuteness of the entire set.

We also went to Target and bought frames. We want to start a photo montage on one big blank wall in the living room, but we also wanted to bring in photos to our respective works. And when I did so this morning, I noticed something strange.

I have three new photos with me. One of each girl separately (in a hinged frame), and one with Lily kissing Macey on the cheek. Is the kissing one adorable? Holy shit, you have no idea. So I start looking around to figure out where to put this photos. I have a little side table, but it’s generally covered with job jackets* and also holds my lamp. So I put the photos on my desk, facing me.

But then I realize that people who come into my office won’t be able to see the photos. And that doesn’t seem right. But then I start to ask myself, why does it matter? These aren’t their kids, the point is to have photos of your own children to remind you that your family loves you, right? It’s not a competition in which I need to prove that my kids are cuter than anyone else’s, right? Hmmm… or is it? Because I have a strong urge to show off my kids. I wonder if this is how those crazy Show Moms get started?

So I ended up making room on the little table for the hinged frame, and the other one is facing me on my desk. Well, mostly facing me… it’s canted so people walking in can get a taste of it, too.

It only seemed right.

* Every project that goes through the creative department has accompanying paperwork. At this agency it’s in the form of a big manila envelope. It’s been slightly different at other agencies where I’ve worked, but they all have job jackets. Inside there’s a brief from the client explaining what needs to be done, further instructions from the account executive, and sometimes sample ads or previous work or the like. Presumably, at some point when the work is done the jacket goes off to accounting to be billed. I have seven job jackets on my desk right now.


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