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#163 In which our hero looks back at a day half a decade ago.

Exactly five years ago at about this time, The Scientist and I were getting up to feed a house full of relatives. Her relatives, I should say, mine had the good sense to stay in a hotel. After a leisurely meal, she and I headed off to the quaint little manor house were we would be wed later that day.

We had already taken care of all the arrangements, this was only a last minute walk through to make sure all the day-of stuff was handled. While there, the manager of the facility asked us if it would be okay if another couple took a look around the grounds. Sure, why not? we said. We met them, a young couple very much like us (although now that I think about it, probably younger), stars in their eyes as they planned for their big day.
OTHER COUPLE: Thanks so much for letting us look around.
US: Sure, not problem.
OC: So, when is your wedding?
US: 5 o’clock.
OC: What, today?!
US: Yep.
OC: Oh, my god! You look so relaxed!

The Scientist and I both found this really funny… why shouldn’t we be relaxed? We had met with the caterers and the florist several times before today to hammer out the details; we knew our pastor would do a great job; my brother-in-law was picking up the cake; we auditioned the harpist a month before and she was really cool … matter of fact, the only big decision we had to make was if it was going to be dry and warm enough to hold the ceremony outside on the lawn like we wanted -- and we had already looked at the weather report and decided the night before to move everything inside (giving us time to cancel the rental chairs and saving a hundred bucks).

The result was that we could relax and really enjoy the day. But I suppose this other couple wasn’t referring to the details… this was our wedding day! You’re suppose to be freaking out!

But we weren’t. There wasn’t any reason to. This was nothing new to The Scientist (the scandalous secret is that I’m not her first husband) and I was confident that we had arranged everything we could to make the day go as smoothly as possible. But more importantly, we were both confident of our decision to get married.

Shortly after we started dating, I knew. I suspect that The Scientist knew, too. We were going to get married. We were so happy together, so comfortable. I’ve always wanted to get married, and I looked at each girl I ever dated seriously as a potential wife. But they all fell flat for some reason (crazy, incompatible, gay) and it was never a real consideration.

But it was a forgone conclusion with this one.

So there was nothing to freak out about. Even if everything had gone to hell (someone dropped the cake, the pastor got sick, the facility caught fire) we wouldn’t have worried… we were in love and we were getting married. Exactly how it was meant to be.

Five years later I love my wife as much as I did that day.

Sheri, thanks for agreeing to be my wife and letting me be your husband. We’ve broken all records over these past five years… want to shoot for 10?


Blogger dressagemom said...

What kinds of records? Like how many mini marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? Cause I'd TOTALLY win that one.

I love you.

2:47 PM

Blogger Lil Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

9:18 AM


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