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Quick update the home front.

We finally gave up on the landscape guy. Like I said, he was offering us a terrific price, but clearly we weren’t high on his list of priorities. He told us a couple times that he’d be out, and then he blew us off. The last time he said he’d be out “sometime next week” to level and seed the front yard--not surprisingly, he never showed. I wonder if contractors ever think, “boy, why do people have such low opinions of people in my line or work?” or do they just realize, “yep, we’re all douchebags.”

Anyway, The Scientist wanted to get some seed down before weeds started popping up, and I reluctantly agreed. I tried to level the yard as best as I could, but in my neck of the woods you dig deeper than two inches down and you start to hit hard clay. So there’s a noticeable hump in the middle of the yard which I really hate… but there’s not a lot we can do about it now.

We’ve also scaled back our plans for the back yard. While it still floods in heavy rain, the waterproofing/sump pump in the basement are doing a great job of keeping everything dry. We’re considering just hiring a handyman to tear out the cement patio slab in the back (it’s a mess) and haul it away. Then we’ll build a deck down the road.

So that’s it for now. Not a very interesting post…but there are interesting events coming up in the near future that promise to give me plenty of blog fodder. Stay tuned!




Blogger csantoni said...

What, you expect a cross-country trip with the girls will be amusing?

3:17 PM

Blogger craig said...

I don't know if "amusing" would be the word I'd use...

12:01 PM


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