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#225 In which our hero writes about a Halloween costume other than his own.

I know I promised to reveal the results of my company's Halloween costume contest today, but I think I'll wait until Monday. However, I will tell you about my children's Halloween costumes (so it's still costume-related, so that's cool, right?)

About a month before Halloween we asked Lily what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween. Her response was definate and immedaiate.

A chicken.

A chicken? Why a chicken? we asked. She didn't have an answer. We figured it was a passing fancy, and let it go. Then we asked a week later. Still, a chicken.

It soon become apparent that she had her heart set on being a chicken... so who were we to dash her avian dreams?

The Scientist and I started thinking about how we could pull this off. Not so hard, we figured... she could wear her white hoodie, we'd make some chicken feet out of foam, she could wear yellow leggins, I'd craft some sort of beak out of foam, too.

Then one Sunday, the Target insert featured kid costumes on the cover... including a chicken. Are you kidding me? I thought. Was the chicken a hot costume this year, and I totally missed it? But, since it was only something like $20, I thought that could save us a lot of time and aggravation. So my wife went off to buy one.

And they had one left in Lily's size. But just barely. We had to cram her into it a bit, but it looked great. So, if Lily was going to be a chicken, what would Macey be?

And egg, of course.

On trip to JoAnn Fabrics later, we had enough foam and fabric to fashion a pretty passable egg costume. You might not get what it was if you saw her by herself, but standing next to a chicken?

So now I can say with confidence that the chicken came first... but the egg was never more than a few steps behind.




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