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Hey! What’s new? Yeah? That’s cool.

Me? Nothing. Oh wait, there is one thing. I shaved my head.

Goodbye hair. We had a good run.

Yes, the treatments are going well, thank you.

So yeah, shaved my head. This is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and something that The Scientist has been urging me to do for years. This past summer I finally agreed, but told her that I’d have to wait until the Fall. Obviously, I’m a pale-skinned white boy, but I do get a little color in my face. Not only would shaving it in the summer make me look like I dipped the top of my head in white paint, I’m sure I would have burned the hell out of it in the sun.

But, waiting for Fall has allowed what meager suntan I did get to fade away, so I’m pretty uniform all over. Also, it allowed me to use it as part of a kick-ass Halloween costume; even though that meant I had to shave my goatee, too. I think I actually miss my facial hair more. Anyway, my angry rant about Halloween tomorrow.*

* Tomorrow?! You say? Since when do I post more than once a week? Well, it’s November 1, meaning that NaBloPoMo has started again! I’ll be posting (or attempting to do so) every day this month. I’ve stockpiled a few topics to help get me through, but if this NaBloPoMo is anything like last year’s, expect a few posts about what I ate for lunch or some similar boring crap.


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Blogger Lil Kate said...

Wow, it makes a *huge* difference. Now are you going to sporting the shaved head forever and ever? Will the goatee be making a reappearance?

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I shaved my head people were nervous around me. I was really frightening to strangers. They gave me extra space and spoke carefully to me. I liked the look it gave me but I hated scaring strangers....

12:17 PM

Blogger craig said...

I suspect I'll let my hair grow back to a point; maybe a little longer than Jean-Luc Picard, but much shorter than the mop I have been sporting. We'll see.

The goatee is coming back ASAP. I don't really like to look of my face without it. Or maybe I'm just used to it.

1:50 PM

Anonymous janice said...

Wow! Big change since the last time I saw you, way back about 1990 in Baker Hall, sporting duct taped Chucks and LOTS of hair. But, still, I think the new 'look' looks pretty swanky. Obviously, the scientist knows what she's asking for, and it IS your job to give her what she wants.

"Yay" it's November again, more reading material for me!!

8:40 PM

Blogger craig said...

Yeah, I lot waaay too much hair in college. It wasn't until maybe my junior year that I finally figured out that I no longer had to wear my hair the way my mother liked it. It's bee shorter and shorter since then (and nature has helped a great deal).

9:10 PM

Anonymous Alice said...

Very cool costume.

11:50 PM


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