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CAPE SHAPE part the last

I know, I know, I’ve really be remiss on my Who Wants to be a Super Hero? updates. But, in truth, I really lost interest by the end. I missed one episode because I was out of town, then only caught the tale end of the following week… and by that time, I found myself no longer really giving a crap.

Honestly, I think my joy for the program left me when Mindset was booted. Mindset! He had the geek cred, took the comic book superhero behavior totally to heart… then was kicked off the show for no good reason. Feh! Feh on you, Stan Lee!

But, I dunno. Maybe the thrill of seeing real people dressed up as superheroes has faded; maybe I got my fill last season. Or, maybe it just doesn’t have the same excitement level when you can turn on another show, namely Heroes on NBC, and see people acting like superheroes who can actually, you know, act. And the story line is a tad more engaging than who stole Stan Lee’s pencil.

But anyway, to wrap this up in the most half-ass way possible:
  • The final three where The Defuser, Hyper-Strike and Hygena. This trio is incredibly similar to the final three from last year (i.e., Major Victory, Feedback and Fat Momma).
  • There were some final challenges, I guess, and… well, honestly, I turned on the finale and was only about 10 minutes into it when The Scientist came into the room naked and, well, you can guess the rest.
  • I did manage to catch the last 15 minutes or so, just as Stan was interviewing the final three one-on-one. And here’s why I can never be on that show: I don’t have a good sob-story revolving around comics. The Defuser spilled his guts and revealed how his sister got into drugs as a young woman, and how he wanted to “pull a superhero off the pages of my comics to help her!” Hygena declared that the show had given her the strength to try to get pregnant again after a horrible late-term miscarriage. I missed Hyper Strike’s interview, but I’m sure it involved a horrible traffic accident in which his parents were killed and he had to wrap their bloody bodies in the pages of Action Comics #52 or some such shit.
  • In the end, it was The Defuser. And the twelve people still watching simultaneously said, oh yeah, the cop. Sure, that makes sense. Once this guy said, “I’ve dedicated my life to fighting crime as a police officer” I don’t think even Stan The Man could come up with a reason not to have him win it all. He’s a real hero, putting his life on the line--in a very real sense--to help the public. Even crazy ole’ Stan couldn’t ignore that.

So, it’s done. I’m sure casting for season three will be happening soon (if it’s not already happening). But I don’t think I’ll be auditioning.

Then again, I do have this cool idea about an intergalactic police force…




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