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I sometimes think that I’m really missing the boat with this entire blog thing. That instead of posting occasional op-ed pieces about back yard flooding or shoes or religion or what-not, I should be obsessively recording every little detail about my children because, well--let’s face facts here--they are goddamn adorable. But every once in awhile The Scientist will say something like, “Don’t you remember how Lily used to do this thing?” and I’ll be like, “What? I don’t remember that AT ALL!”

Both girls are definitely growing up fast. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when Lily could talk, but her sister could not. Now Macey is a little chatterbox, and it’s hard to get her to shut up at times. It makes me wish I had done a monthly update (ala Dooce) so I could always look back and say, “Oh yeah! Macey was only two when she tried to choke to death on grapes! Good times… good times….”

But, I’m held in check by the knowledge that nothing is more boring than listening to someone talk about their kids. It even bores me, and I can relate as a parent. Frankly, if it’s not MY kid being cute, I don’t give much of a crap.

Maybe this is my way of warning you, the three or four people who read this on a regular basis. I may start trying to capture the adorableness of my kids. It’s probably futile, because the stuff they say that gets me rolling usually is funny because of the way they say it, or the expressions on their faces. It may come across very much like trying to explain why a joke is funny.

Of, if that fails miserably, I’ll probably go back to naked triplets*.

* Amazingly, this remains my #1 hit on search engines, even though I only wrote once about those dumb girls, and that, more than a year ago.


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Blogger Dressage Mom said...

Part of the reason that I catalog every boring detail of Kaswyn's illnesses and misadventures is so I can look back and say "Yeah, he got nerved on this date." and stuff like that. It's nice to be able to have a timeline.

10:23 PM


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