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#310 In which our hero give a quick recap of recent events.

 Cat dies

My cat died a couple of weeks ago. He was 17 and, even though he was a terrible pain in my ass who insisted on sleeping on my pillow and waking me up nightly, I was pretty broken up about losing him. He had really been going downhill for the past year, more so then I really allowed myself to acknowledge. I finally had him put to sleep. I’ll write up a proper memorial at some put, but I’m not up to it right now.

Child ages

My oldest turned 8 yesterday. That amazes me. She’s such a smart, beautiful, reasonable little person. I can hardly get my head around the fact that The Scientist and I made her. From scratch.

And she’s a little nerd, too, like her daddy. More than anything she wanted a membership to Club Penguin, this online MMO for kids. We wouldn’t allow it for a long time, figuring she’d just lose interest and then we’re out 30 bucks. But she’s stuck with it, and we finally relented. It comes at the perfect time, with the weather getting colder I won’t have to try to pry her away from the computer, which she will be glued to for months to come. At least six months, since that’s the length of the membership.

Hero frets

There seems to be a bit of an exodus going on at work right now. We had some layoffs recently, which suck but aren’t anything I’m not accustomed to. But more than that, we’ve had several people in the department resign in the last two weeks. It doesn’t really affect me directly, these are people that I didn’t work that closely with. But it does give me pause… why is everyone in such a hurry to get away from this agency? It starts to give life to my growing concern that this place really isn’t as creative as I’d like it to be; and the account services staff seem to be, with a few exceptions, just stuffed suits that don’t know creativity from a hole in the ground. Worrying. Worrying.

That’s it for now. More (lengthy) posts to come.




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