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Back to work. The vacation was enjoyable, but tempered to a great deal for missing my girls. All three of them. Next year, I’m seriously considering skipping this annual outing if The Scientist can’t come with me. It just makes me too lonely.

Managed to get sick the last day. I was feeling low Saturday and Sunday, but I feel pretty decent right now, expect for the head full of cotton. I’m not sure if this is the death-throes of the virus I’m feeling, or the after-effects of the Nyquil. That stuff hits me like a Mack truck… 20 minutes after taking the suggested dose (or, ahem, maybe a bit more) I’m passed out and drooling.

I appear to have rebounded quicker than usual to this round of illness, a miracle that I attribute to Airborne. Perhaps it’s all in my head, but this “unique natural formula of seven Herbal Extracts, Antioxidants, Electrolytes, and Amino Acids” seems to get me up and on my feet sooner than plain old Tylenol.

In other news, I returned from vacation with a big abrasion above the bridge of my nose. Those who know me will not be surprised by this, but I’m waiting for my co-workers to say something. I’ve already noticed that eyes wonder up to my nose during conversations, but no one has been brave enough to comment yet. When someone does, I think I’ll say, “I got in a fight” and leave it at that. Makes me more mysterious.

Just realized that this post is all over the place, and makes minimal sense. Must be the drugs. Or maybe it’s the “Isatis Root” in the Airborne.

More when my senses have returned.


Blogger Lil Kate said...

And saying "I got in a fight" wouldn't be lying... technically...

Ooooooh! The intrigue! That will bring people flocking to your couch!

Maybe they'll start a rumor that you're in the Cleveland chapter of Fight Club.

3:35 PM

Blogger csantoni said...

The first rule of Pennsic is you do not talk about Pennsic.

7:10 PM

Blogger craig said...

Thou art a fool! Now I must dispatch you!

1:02 PM

Anonymous janice said...

Why not just leave plague rats strewn about the office?

2:29 PM


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