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Couple of quick things:


Tomorrow I leave for a week’s camping trip sans wife and children. Here’s hoping that I don’t get soaked or broiled. But the truth is, I’ll probably get soaked then broiled. Nana and Pop-pop are in town to help with domestic life, so I don’t feel too guilty about leaving. But I shall certainly miss my girls.

Don’t expect any updates until after I return in a week.


New Comic Book Guy is awesome! You may recall that I was a little worried about the change in staffing, but it’s working out great. New Comic Book Guy is much younger, and is always on the phone… but he still hops to and gets me my pull when I walk in. Hasn’t learned my name yet, but that will come. We’re well along the road to a speechless relationship. And! The other day I asked if he had issue #1 of a book I missed, (Gaiman’s Eternals, in case you’re curious) and he told me he’d re-order it for me. And he did!

Being that this is his job, it might not sound so amazing, but in the past Old Comic Book Guy would have said something like, “Huh, I think we sold out of that issue” and left it at that. And on the few times I asked him to reorder me a book, it just never happened. So I’m not quite ready to confess my love of New Comic Book Guy, but I am in like with him.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Just found this blog with the clever name of “Dad Gone Mad.” In it, he refers to his wife as “Hot Wife” much as I refer to mine as “The Scientist.”

Hot Wife. Man, I wish I would have thought of that.


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