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Three things on my mind right now, coincidentally, all work related:

Bag women.

Can someone tell me why businesswomen need to carry so much crap?

My agency provides free parking. The lot is across a canal from the building, but there is a elevated, covered walkway connecting the two. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from my car to my office. And in that time, I see a lot of women heading to work. And more often than not, these women are encumbered with all sorts of bags, purses and what-not.

So, okay, I understand the purse. Women need to carry make-up and lady products, as well as money and keys and that sort of crap. What I don’t understand is why some women need to carry these gigantic purses, as if they may need room to store a human head and don’t want to be caught unprepared.

And then I see some women carrying gym bags, presumably full of workout clothes and a towel and water bottle. There’s a little gym/fitness center in the building, so that makes sense. But, some of the women I see clearly haven’t been to a gym in years, if ever. So what do you have in there? Do you bring a change of clothes just for the drive home?

And finally, I see women with giant leather bags overstuffed with documents and laptops and various and sundry work stuff. Now, I understand having to take home your work, I’ve had to do it every once and again; and when I do I sometimes bring my laptop home with me. But I see the same women carrying in the same portable office in with them day after day. Personally, I think if you have to take your work home every night, then you’re not managing your daily workload correctly.

So these businesswomen have a purse and a gym bag and a leather work satchel and a lunch bag…. It’s a little crazy. And to offset all the weight, some women have gone right to the rollerbag. Now, when you need a contraception with wheels to get you from your car to your office, something is very wrong.

Killer coffee.

I think the coffee at work is making my tongue numb. The agency provides free Starbucks. Now, I’ve never fallen into the cult of Starbucks, and the few times I have had their coffee I wasn’t so blown away that I was willing to shill out an extra $2/cup. So working here is the first time that I’ve drank a considerable amount of Starbucks. That said, I’m only drinking two or maybe three small cups a day.

I noticed that my tongue had a strange metallic taste a couple of weeks ago. I thought maybe I ate something bad or maybe my allergies affected my sense of taste. Then, since it continued, I started to think that since I bite my nails that maybe I was eating soap that accumulated under my nails, and it was damaging my tongue. I noticed that drinking coffee seemed to exacerbate the problem. Finally, yesterday it occurred to me that maybe the coffee wasn’t making the problem worse, maybe coffee was the problem.

So today, I’m drinking tea. We’ll see by the end of the day what condition my tongue is in.

Playing hooky.

I’m taking a half day tomorrow and The Scientist and I are going to the movies! Since she works this weekend she gets tomorrow off. So we’re going to go see X-Men III… a movie I wanted to see more than a month ago. I’m angling for a little afternoon delight too, if you know what I mean, but I don’t think the timing is going to work out. But that's okay, as long as there's time for the movie.

And that’s what life with kids has become… I’m more excited about seeing an actual movie in an actual movie theater than having sex.


Blogger dressagemom said...

I don't think you're more excited about the movie - it's just we've seen far less movies (in theaters, and without interruption) than we've had sex (also without interruption) since the girls were born.

11:19 AM

Anonymous janice said...

1. Carrying all of that work crap home with you is sort of like a badge, along the "women's work is never done" lines. At some point, healthy women wise up and refuse to bring toxic work things into the home. (I also think women have a hard time separating work and home sometimes.)

2. Starbucks is evil, the Moby Dick of the beverage world. I wish Cap'n Ahab would dedicate his life to its eradication, but as long as folks are willing to pay $7.95 for a grande cuppa, what's a body to do?

3. I hear ya, I'd be happy to see a movie in an actual movie theatre, too. Now I can't get that stupid "afternoon delight" song out of my head!

1:01 PM

Blogger craig said...

Just to clarify: the girls have never interrupted us having sex. They don’t need to… what’s the point when they are such experts at killing the opportunity for sex before it even, ahem, arises?

1:48 PM


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