Skrip - tyur' - i - ent: adj. Possessing the violent desire to write.



And this is what happens when you force a person to publish a post every day... you get less than optimal results. Instead of the usual witty and insightful essay, today you get a rundown to the days events:
  • I took today off (The Scientist also had the day off since she works this weekend).

  • The entire family went to get a holiday photo.

  • Macey was fussy; regardless we got some nice photos.

  • I looked like a big dork in the photo.

  • A balding big dork.

  • Note to self -- never pose in an angle that exposes the top of your head.

  • Ate bagels at Panera while waiting for our prints.

  • Dropped the kids off at day care.

  • Faced with an open afternoon without children we did what every couple our age would do: we went to the movies.

  • Not a lot either of us wanted to see. Decided on Borat.

  • Funny, but not the laugh riot reviewers would have you believe.

  • What I don't believe is that the guy wasn't repeatedly punched in the face during filming.

  • Back at home by 2pm.

  • My thinking: plenty of time to have sex and take a nap.

  • The Scientist's thinking: plenty of time to go to the barn and ride my horse.

  • Took nap alone.

  • Made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

  • Found the phrase "Lily, can you please take another bite of your enchilada, please?" at the table really funny.

  • Watched "My Name is Earl" and "The Office." Best hour on TV.

  • Macey crapped out (in every sense) around 9pm.

  • Watched "30 Rock" and found it promising.

  • Books and bed for Lily.

  • Collected garbage and put it on the curb; lamated the state of my yard, again.

  • Wrote this post with 61 minutes to spare.

Whew! I'm still in the running. Goodnight, Internet.


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