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The Scientist and I are back from a New Year Eve party. We took the girls, and they were, like they often are, real champs. The portable DVD player saved the day again, and the girls and I mostly sat in a seperate room and watched SpongeBob. Which is fine, since the party with thrown by my wife's trainer, and I didn't really know anyone. But there was a nice spread of food, and that's enough to make any party successful for me.

It's been a long year, 2006 has. Lots of stuff happened. Some good (Macey finally started sleeping through the night), some bad (everyone got sick at least once); Some really good (my new awesome job), some really bad (replaced the sewer line in the front yard, more drainage work to be done in the back yard). I think the good outweighed the bad... but just.

Here's my hope for 2007: less hassle, more money. And I hope to adore my wife and children as much or more than I do right now.

Happy New Year.


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