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CELLAR HELLER 3:20pm update

I haven't exactly been keeping up with the hourly updates, have I? Well, see, I had a big breakfast, then I had to, um, take a nap. But it wasn't even a really satisfying nap, y'know? What with the front door wide open and three strangers in my house, I couldn't fall asleep properly. And then there was the jackhammering. But that ended soon enough, and the steady rhythm of one bucket-boy carrying two loads up the stair--tromp, tromp, tromp-- and handing them off to the second bucket-boy who shuffled over the plastic to the front door--scree, scree, scree--then dumped them into the back of the truck--ka-BASH!--was a rather soothing sign of progress. I dozed off a little.

I finally came back downstairs (after making sure there wasn't pillow lines on my face) to find them packing up! At 3pm! Doesn't anyone work a full day anymore?! But I jest. These poor bastards did some hard labor in my basement nearly all day, and it's freezing, t'boot. They were off to dump all the crap from my basement into some unsuspecting landfill.

Now, why are we doing this again?

Oh, right... you dig a big hole in the basement floor, and a short time later it's got half a foot of standing water in it. That's why.

According to the foreman (Eddie, remember) it's been tough going, too. He had hoped to have the entire trench dug today, and finish up tomorrow. That isn't happening. He says that the earth is full of broken cinder block, most likely cast-offs from when the house was being built. Meaning that instead of picks and shovels to clear the dirt (mud), it's back to the jackhammer. So more digging tomorrow, and finishing it up on Saturday.

More joy:

Hey, look! They did tunnel under with nary a crack in the drywall! Kudos! But what about the hot water tank? How did they deal with how close it is to the wall?

Apparently by saying, "Fuck it. We'll worry about that shit later."

So, that's it for today. More fun tomorrow.




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