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CELLAR HELLER 11:45am update

Went out to brunch with the paster of my church (that's a whole other blog entry) and came back to find this:

"Brute" indeed.

I'm really surprised to find how little there is between the bottom of the house and the earth. I always figured that there was a big, thick layer of cement down there... but it would seem that there's a couple of inches of concrete, then dirt.

The future home of our sump pump. That's the radon mitigation system pipe you see hanging above it. I really thought that the pipe went down a couple of feet, but apparently it ends only inches below the surface. This is what's keeping deadly gas out of the house?

There's three guys on the work crew... Eddie, the boss, plus two young guys. Eddie weilds the jackhammer, and those two other guys are stuck with humping big buckets of debris up the stairs.

I know nothing about running a jackhammer, but I kinda expected to see more progress. They've been all around the perimeter, but in places they've only cracked the floor, and haven't removed any of the concrete. Then again, I guess they've only been at it for two hours.

The crew just left for lunch, undoubtedly to talk about the douchebag homeowner who keeps getting in the way to take photos.

More in an hour!



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