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I came across a link for Monster by Mail a week ago. For $20, this guy will draw you a monster based on a word you send him. And he posts a high-speed video of him drawing the monster. How cool is that? The catch is that you can only send in one word. Some of the words people sent in were pretty predictably, like "bigfoot" or "Cthulu." But some other words were unexpected, and ended us as pretty cool monsters--I especially like "purple," "insane" and "pensive." I figured I could spare twenty bucks, so what the heck. At first I was going to send in "pustulant,” figuring it would make a cool-looking monster. But I decided on something a little closer to my heart. I sent in “advertising.”

And I got an email this morning that my monster was done! I present to you, “Advertising.”

And it’s got tentacles! Pretty cool. I find it really interesting how this guy interprets the words people send him. When I was thinking of “advertising,” naturally I was thinking of it from the creation side, since I’m in the business. But he took a different angle, from the consumer side--which only makes sense. Still very cool. If I could do it again (which I can’t, since he stopped taking submissions after 150) I’d send “copywriter.”

Click here for a YouTube video of it being drawn.

My monster should appear in my mailbox in a week or so. This guy just made $3,000 in a week by putting up a website and drawing cartoon monsters. Once again, I long for the ability to draw.


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Blogger Len said...

Hey thanks for the kind words.

The reason I didn't do it from the creative side (being in advertising myself) is that I just did one for the word "creative" and I used a copywriter. So you got the other side of advertising -- the DARK side. :)


10:11 AM

Blogger craig said...

I noticed that! I read "Headlines due Friday" and thought, huh, *I* have headlines due Friday.

Now where can I get a ringer-T with a sad monkey face?

10:25 AM

Blogger Len said...

Hehe, that is actually based off a Paul Frank shirt I have. It's not a ringer, but it is a big monkey face.

As it turns out, the guy I drew that for is a copywirter for a company that sells plastic monkeys. Even weirder, he was wearing a monkey shirt when he watched the video.


10:30 AM

Blogger Lil Kate said...

Very cool! It was a lot of fun to watch.

9:33 PM


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