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Hey Internet, wot uppa?

For reasons of national security I couldn’t revel this before, but now I can tell you that last week I was on vacation. The Scientist’s parents came up and watched the girls and we went camping (and to those of you who know us in real life, that would be “camping”) in western Pennsylvania.

So how was it? Perhaps it’s best to express my feelings in song:
Got home from camping last spring.
Saw people, places and things.
We barely had arrived
Friends asked us to describe
The people, places and every last thing.
So we unpacked our adjectives.

I unpacked "frustrating" first.
Reached in and found the word "worst".

Then I picked "soggy" and

Next I picked "foggy" and

Then I was ready to tell them my tale.
'Cause I'd unpacked my adjectives.

So yeah, it rained. And then rained some more. It’s been hot and dry all summer, and then last week--the only week-long vacation I have planned all year--was the wettest of the season. When it wasn’t torrential downpours, it was hot and humid.

But, we were still surrounded by friends, and we didn’t let the weather interfere with our drinking, so it was still a good time. Except for Thursday, which was my low point. After four days straight of being wet, I was extremely grouchy. So much so, that we did something we never do: laundry. The Scientist packed up my wet crap and went into town with a friend to wash and (more importantly) dry my stuff. It really made a difference in my mood. That, and all the booze I drank while she was in town.

Thank you, honey; I really appreciated it.

But now that I’m back I’m rushing around like crazy trying to get back into the groove, especially at work. Busy, busy. And I still have to set up my tent to dry properly (I can almost hear Jeff right now screaming, “What? You haven’t dried out your tent? Good night!”) and I need to hump all the camping crap back into the basement.

It is good to be back at home, to see those girls. Who, incidentally, were great for Nana and Pop-pop. But, as it turns out, Lily didn’t manage to stay dry the entire week, either.


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Blogger dressagemom said...

Eh, she only had two small accidents when she was too busy to go pee and my parents didn't recognize the situation. I'd rather have a Code Yellow than a Code Brown, if you get what I mean. ;)

11:09 AM


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