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Lily likes to draw. And while she's only four, she sometimes busts out these drawings which I think are really good. Really good meaning that I can tell, more or less, what they're supposed to me.

Yesterday she was drawing and informed me that she was going to make some dinosaurs for me. This is the first one she drew:

Clearly, it's awesome. Our conversation when something like this:
ME: Wow, honey, that's great! Look at all the spikes on his back!
LILY: I know! He's very spikey.
ME: What's his name?
LILY: I don't know. You name him!
ME: How about "Spikeasurus"?
LILY: Yeah! I'm going to draw another!
ME: Great!

Then, about five minutes later, she brought me this:

ME: Wow, honey, that's... wow. That's something else.
LILY: He's very tall!
ME: Yeah, he sure is.
LILY: What's his name?
ME: Boy, I dunno. How about "Dongasurus"?
LILY: Yes! That's the perfect name, daddy!
ME: Sure it is. Go show that to your mama.
So yeah, remember me when you're filling out your ballot for father of the year.


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Blogger dressagemom said...

You forgot to mention that those projections he's got on the side are not arms, but ties.

1:19 PM

Blogger craig said...

Yeah; as she was drawing, I heard her saying, "Necktie. Necktie. Necktie. He has a lot of neckties."

Where does a 4-year-old even learn the word "necktie"?

1:34 PM

Anonymous sylph said...

as in "silk neckties"?? hmmmmm

2:10 PM

Blogger Lil Kate said...

I'm still laughing out loud! That's hilarious!

1:48 PM


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