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The lovely Miss Kate recently sent me more pictures from the pants party, and I've been meaning to post them.

Yes, your honor, there were minors at my party. Is that a problem?

"Friends" share an embrace. Great kilt, by the way.

Birthday helmet provided by A. & B. Hotness provided by my wife's pants.

OMG! It's a liger!

Not as hot as I'd like to imagine.

Probably most telling is that I have no memory of that last photo being taken. Miss Kate tells me "it was late in the party." Ah, that would explain it.

Thanks again to everyone who came to my suprise birthday/fancy pants party. You're all invited back next year.


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Blogger Lil Kate said...

Thank you for safe-guarding my anonymity. :)

11:56 AM

Blogger craig said...

Of course. I wouldn't want some Internet crazy to fall in love and start hanging around your lab. In my experience, those lab people are crazy enough.

12:22 PM


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