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#259 In which our hero discusses fairies, hard-boiled eggs, big-eyed anime girls and Benito Mussolini.

I love Halloween.

I like dressing up, I like eating candy, and I like seeing all the little spankers in costume. And, since I’ve become a father, I absolutely love dressing up our kids. Last year Lily went as a chicken (her choice, don’t ask me) and Macey went as an egg. It was very cute.

This year, Lily decided she wanted to be a fairy and Macey decided she wanted to be a deviled egg. This was her stated choice… I have no idea where it came from or, more importantly, my youngest would choose such an odd food choice.

So we went to the Halloween store to get Lily a fairy costume. We were looking at the standard: gauzy shirt, butterfly wings and a magic wand. Why do fairies carry magic wands? Aren’t they inherently magic? Anyway, once we started looking around, Lily fell in love with another costume on the rank: Stephanie from Lazy Town. Unless you have kids around the age of four, you’ve probably never heard of Lazy Town. It’s a odd show that stars Magnús Scheving, an Icelandic gymnastics champion as the back-flipping Sportacus, who patrols Lazy Town high above in his tricked out blimp (oh yeah, you read that right).

The show features a mixture of live action actors and dough-faced puppets fighting arch-villain and incompetent Robbie Rotten. It’s truly odd (and strangely watchable). His young sidekick is the pink-haired Stephanie.

So we ended up paying $30 for a pink stripped polyester dress and a pink wing. But, I have to say, she looked good. We also picked up a pair of devil horns for Macey (“deviled” egg, get it?) to go with the rest of the costume we recycled from last year.

And since the girls get to dress up, it’s only fair that The Scientist and I get to have fun, too. We were invited to a Halloween party and were excited about getting a sitter and both of us getting to go for a change.

This particular friend of ours throws a party every year with a theme. Last year it was “Steampunk,” and I had fun dressing up for that (my wife couldn’t go for some reason). This year the theme was “Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” or “Bad Cosplay.” Hilarious.

The Scientist dug out her old prom dress (which looks more like a wedding dress) and I made her a giant foam sword. The result was both bad cosplay and a new force of good to fight bland food and ne’er-do-wells: Wasabi Bride!

Her eyes were awesome.

She basically closed her eyelids and painted giant anime eyes overtop them. Fantastic effect that really freaked out people at the party.

I managed to find an amazing deal that day on an old military jacket that fit me remarkable well. I went as Mussolini:

The medals I’m wearing? The bars are from high school band, the medal is my 3rd place Voice of Democracy award, and there’s a couple anniversary pins from when I worked at Max & Erma’s.

The party was a blast. And so was trick or treating.


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