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I am thrilled that Obama won the election. While I hoped, I secretly doubted it could really happen. I certainly didn’t expect Ohio to go Democrat… my fellow Ohioans have well and thoroughly dashed my hopes on Ohio being regarded as anything but a hick backwater in the past (constitutional ban on gay marriage anyone?).

But this time, this most important time, the state got it right. The country got it right. It’s hard not to get all sappy about the “future of America,” but I like to believe that yesterday’s election really was us coming together as a nation and saying, “Okay, this is bullshit. We’ve endured enough. We’ve voted for--and received--the president we deserve for nearly a decade now, but we’re willing to elevate ourselves this one time and take a chance on something new. Look past the safe and known and give this young guy a go.”

Fired up? Ready to go!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing link. Thank you for sharing. I think this country is ready to be fired up and definitely ready to go!!

9:18 PM

Blogger Hieronymus said...

I was hoping this would be a toilet-training update. Oh well. I agree with your sentiments, though.

9:06 AM


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