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#046 In which our hero is ready for this to be over.

It seems like it's taken forever to finalize the details of buying this damn house. The details are pretty tedious, so I won't bore you with them. Suffice it to say that last night the realtor came over because we had to sign other form that verified that we had signed a previous form.

I'm trying to remain excited about the move, but right now it just seems like the man is making me do his monkey-dance before I get what I want. Screw the man!

Today the buyer of our house is having a home inspection. Which means we have to get lost for three hours while they go over it with a fine-tooth comb. This worries me a bit, just because if they find, say, all the plumbing needs to be replaced, then we're a little fucked. We'd have to choice but to shell out the money. Money which we really don't have right now because of buying this other house.

I've also been speaking to home inspectors and getting prices for them to come and look at the new house. It's going to cost several hundred bucks to do this, and I'm pretty sure it's money wasted.

Here's the thing: our next door neighbors were going to sell their home a year ago. Prior to doing so, they got a home inspection just to make sure there were no surprises. Turns out that the entire foundation of their house was flawed, and the house was in danger of falling into the basement! The house was build in 1920 or so, and then they used these crappy cinderblocks made of terra cotta. It's like their house was sitting on a giant flower pot. And just as sturdy.

The thing is, they got a home inspection before they bought the place. And the inspector didn't bother to mention this one small problem. Matter of fact, they noticed a slight bowing of the walls, and the home inspector assured them that this was normal for older houses. Normal!

But, you apparently have to sign something that says the home inspector isn't responsible for anything bad that happens, so our neighbors had no way to go after this boner that told them the house was okay to buy.

So why should I trust any of the people I spoke to today to tell me if, say, the roof is about to fall in? For the money I have to pay these people, you'd think there would be a little more recourse if something catastrophic happened.

Ugh, I'll be happy when this is all over.


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