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#052 In which our hero looks forward to the new house.

I can't wait to move. In my mind, I've already abandoned our current house. When The Scientist told me I had to rake the leaves or the grass would die, my reply was "Our grass won't die." Because, as we all know, our grass is really five minutes away on a wonderful cul-de-sac in front of our new house!

The Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to
in the NEW HOUSE
#10 Cul-de-sac
This is one of those things I didn't use to care about, but now with a child, is suddenly important. Our old street was a straight shot to the Wendy's on the corner, and got a fair amount of traffic. And some of these boners would come roaring down the street at unadvisable speeds. So now, I can at least be confident that if my daughter is run over, it will be by one of my neighbors, not a stranger.
#9 Master bath
Something else that never seemed important. But now that it is available, I keep have these wonderful daydreams about my own special bathroom... a room where I can go and never have to worry that I'm holding someone up; I can take as long as I want and no-one will ever come banging on the door. Well, except The Scientist, of course, but we'll work something out. Worse comes to worse, she can go four feet to the bath in the hall. A man's got to have his castle, woman!
#8 Giant basement
The basement in the old house was big enough for our purposes, but the new house is even bigger... so I have plans. I can have a shop in one corner, a painting station in another, The Scientist can have a sewing corner if she wants... it's going to be great. We have to store all our crap down there, too, of course, but there should still be plenty of room. I may even build a gaming table! Yeah, I'm a geek.
#7 Attached garage
We currently have a detached garage. And it's nice to not have to scrape your windows every winter morning - but! An attached garage means not having to got out into the cold to get to your car. We can go directly from warm house to car. No trudging through the snow to get there. Ah, bliss!
#6 Wood-burning fireplace
I love wood fires. The smell is wonderful, and the snap and crackle of the burning wood reminds me of every camping fire I've ever huddled around to toast marshmallows. And yeah, I'm sure the reality of a fireplace isn't that great... it'll probably a pain in the ass to clean, etc., etc... but I don't care.
#5 Small driveway
The current house has a long drive that does a little jog in the center, which is a huge pain in the ass when you're backing up. The Scientist and I have both managed to scrape the side of her truck while backing up (but never my car, strangely enough). The driveway of the new house is maybe 10 feet long and it's a straight shot. Easy to back out of, easy to shovel.
#4 Office
The new house has a little office off of the family room. This is a feature that we weren't looking for, but since the house had it, it's a welcome addition. We will set up the computer in there, meaning that our four bedroom house will really have four bedrooms... not three bedrooms and a computer/office room. And since it's downstairs, I can play shoot-'em-up video games all night long and not worry about keeping anyone up. Woo!
#3 Pantry
The new house has a gigantic pantry. Well, in truth, it's a hall closet that the homeowners turned into a pantry, but I think it's a great idea. It's not in the kitchen, and I'm sure there'll be a few awkward moments when someone tries to hang up their coat only to find shelves of tuna and Cheerios, but that's a small price to pay to actually be able to store more than a days worth of food at a time. This pantry actually supports the #2 reason...
#2 Bigger kitchen
I like to cook and this was one of my primary desires for a new house. The new kitchen is more than large enough. And since the house has a separate dining room, there's all the more room. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this kitchen... it has new countertops, a big-ass two well sink, plenty of counter space, lots of cabinets (especially considering that they won't be filled up with food, thanks to the gigantic pantry). And it's got a nice window above the sink so I can wash dishes and keep an eye on the kids in the backyard like the good little housewife I am.
#1 More room
Having more room was the big kahuna, the #1 priority for both of use when looking for a new home. We'll be going from what was basically a two bedroom bungalow to a four bedroom colonial - can you even imagine the extra room we'll have? We literally do not have enough furniture for this new house. The living room in the front of the house is going to remain bare for a good while, I imagine. The in-laws where just in town for a week, and it was tight. Having five adults, one toddler, two cats and a 90-pound curious dog in our little house meant pretty much everyone was in everyone else's way. But - never again! The new house will have plenty of room for everyone, even the stupid dog. Oh ecstasy, thy name is extra square feet!
December 18th I move all our earthly goods into the new house. Can't come fast enough.


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