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#085 In which our hero finally catches a break.

Charge your glasses, lift them high
Let your spirits be buoyed
Our hero's bad luck is stemmed
He is again employed!

Amazingly, after little more than a month, I have a job again. This is most amazing because last time I was laid off it took me a year and a half to find work in my field.

Being that The Scientist is going to have a baby literally any day now and my '95 Neon threatens to die for good every day, everyone in the family is breathing a collective whew!

As you may recall, I had three leads on the table:
  • More than a little greasy spammer
  • Large furniture manufacturer
  • Web company
These were only "leads" in the broadest sense of the word. I had met with two of the three, and done some spec work for the third, but none of them seemed to be in a big rush to hire me (or anyone, far as I could tell).

That is to say, until the Web design place made me an offer the day after I met with them.

I've always interviewed well, and this one was especially good. That odd, indescribable thing that happens when you click with someone happened, big time. I was all but offered a job on the spot. This was on a Thursday. I was told that the two principals I met where out of town on Friday, but they might be contacting me over the weekend. Then, first thing the next day, I get an email offer to start the following week.

The best part is that out of the three, this place was the most attractive to me. The company sounds dynamic and creative and, perhaps most importantly to me right now, financially stable.

So, I've gone from "copywriter" to "Web copywriter." Personally, I see no difference. Good writing is good writing, regardless of the media. However, I am keeping this opinion to myself for now. Oh, and since you hired me, I'm really sorry about the anal beaching comment last time. No hard feelings, okay?

Coming up next: first impressions of the office!


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