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#110 In which our hero's daughter is awesome.

As I write this I am sitting in a 55 degree house. I have several layers on, and the hood of my hoodie is tightly pulled around my head. It’s freakin’ cold! Apparently our furnace decided to shit the bed at some point during the night. Amazingly, we still have ELEVEN days left on our home warranty -- the same home warranty that, when it came due for renewal a couple of weeks ago -- we decided wasn’t worth the money to re-up. We have since altered our opinion. Especially if it ends up being as expensive as we fear it could be.

Anyway, I’m waiting for a service technician to call to tell me he’s on the way. All the phone lady at the HVAC repair place could tell me was that they would come “sometime today.” That’s a pretty wide span of time. I mean, in what other business would it be okay to say, “We’ll fill your order sometime between now and 10 hours from now” ? I expect a story to be coming out of this.

In other news: my daughter is completely awesome!

If there was any doubt as to who fathered this little girl (not that there is, just about everyone is amazed at home much she looks like me. I don’t really see it, but so many people have said as much that I’ve bought into it) those doubts have been dashed by last night’s actions.

Now, I’m a comic book geek from way back. I remember trying to quit reading them in the fifth grade… I knew I had a four-color monkey on my back, and apparently by 10 years of age I had hit rock bottom. I stopped cold turkey for about a year. Then, like so many before me, I fell off the wagon and have been on a 27 year bender since.

So when Lily occasional likes to have a kitchen towel tired around her neck like a cape, it warms my heart (Jesus, I could use some warming right about now!). But last night, I came home to find The Scientist, Macey and Lily on the couch watching The Incredibles. Apparently, as soon as they got home, the conversation had gone something like this:
LILY: Supaheroes! Supaheroes!
THE SCIENTIST: You want to watch the superheroes, honey?
L: Ya! Ya!
The Scientist opens the DVD to put in the Incredibles disk only to find that there’s an Elmo disk already in there. I imagine a tense moment, shot entirely in slo-mo, when she turned to gauge Lily’s reaction to this reminder of her fuzzy red svengali …
L: No! Elmo out! Supaheroes!
Oh, Lily… you’ve made your papa so proud!


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