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My youngest child is attempting to kill me. She has, no doubt, received coaching on this technique from my oldest.

This is a pretty cool thing about keeping a blog… I can go back and review what Lily put us through and say, “huh, whatta ya know, Lily didn’t sleep through the night either.” But, unlike Lily, Macey doesn’t just fuss or cry at night, she screams like her crib is on fire.

And that’s the part that really drives nails into my skull. Her teeth are hurting her or she dropped her bottle or whatever, yeah, I get it, it makes you unhappy, but good Lord… do you really need to go from “I’m uncomfortable” to “I wish I was never born” so quickly? Because that’s just what happens… she fusses a tad, then opens the floodgates of hell, unleashing the shrieks of the undead and damned to jolt me awake.

And even when The Scientist is right there with a fresh bottle, she still writhes around like a epileptic on speed (does that metaphor even make sense?), screams unabated, until my wife talks her down from the ledge.

She has a bit of a temper, it would appear.

Last night when The Scientist refused to pick her up, Macey glared at her, threw her bottle to the ground, then collapsed in a screaming fit. This is what scares me the most… that her behavior is indicative of what kind of teenager she’ll be. I already know that it’s going to be tough going with me and my girls for at least part of our lives, and things aren’t going to be any easier if Macey has a temper to match her father’s.

Right now, I can still take both of them. But when they’re teenagers? If they work together? I may be in trouble.


Blogger Lil Kate said...

I think you should start praying now - long and hard - that this temper only shines in her toddler years vs. her teenage years.

8:33 AM


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