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Hey Internet buddies! Having a nice Saturday morning? Sipping coffee, eating a danish, reading the paper? Looking forward to a nice relaxing day of doing not much?

Want to hear about my Saturday morning?

It started at 2:30AM when Macey woke up crying. This isn’t an unusual occurrence, since she’s still not 100% down with the sleeping through the night thing. Generally, The Scientist gets up and puts her back to sleep, but, being that she has to work this weekend, I thought I’d be a hero and mind the baby, letting her sleep.

I pick up Macey and start to rock her. This usually works, and after five-ten minutes of fussing, she was dropping off again, and I gentle laid her back in the crib.

Half an hour later, she was up crying again.

So I pick her up again, and get back into the rocking chair. I’m holding her and rocking, giving her the traditional, “hush, hush, back to sleep” routine… and then it went horribly wrong. Macey started coughing a bit, which also isn’t unusual, she’s been fighting a bit of a cough for a while now. She coughed, then settled down. Coughed, settled down. Then, without warning, she puked all down the front of both herself and me.

It was pretty amazing. I happened to be looking right at her when the dam burst. Rivers of last night’s peas and cheese and water cascaded down, soaking her jammies and my shirt. The Scientist, who’s much more tuned into alarming nocturnal noises, was up in a flash, helping wipe down the child. I stripped out of my clothes and wiped up the floor.

Is there anything like standing in a freezing laundry room at 3AM wearing only your boxers starting a load of puke-covered clothes?

Macey spent the rest of the night in our bed, which, thankfully, remained vomit-free. She appears to be none the worse for wear this morning, even though she doesn’t have much of an appetite -- which isn’t surprising, I suppose.

So, yeah, great start to the day. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm, except for the boxer shorts part, I know exactly what you mean. The. Worst. Ever. Gotta hate that early morning pukage. Hope all is well now.

10:19 PM


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