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Hello, Internet. I’m going to make this quick because, in all likelihood, I don’t have much time left.

As previously noted, The Scientist is sick. And I mean, really sick. It would appear that several different maladies conspired to mug her all at once, and she’s been pretty much laywayed since Christmas morning. First it was an extremely painful sore throat. So she went to the doctor to make sure she didn’t have strep. She didn’t. She was told that it was just a virus going around. She had our doctor prescribe her antibiotics just to be safe; after all, I just had a sinus infection not so long ago. Then she had escalating abdominal distress (use your imagination on that one), which she at first attributed to the antibiotics. After a day of that, she stopped taking the antibiotics, and the stomach woes in no way subsided. So then we figured out she had the stomach flu. And then, last night, she started having pain in her teeth, much like I did when I had the infection. She’s at the doctors right now having things stuck in her nose and ears.

So, yeah… my wife is sick.

Normally I shun her like a leaper when she gets sick, because I don’t want to get sick myself. We haven’t yet had a situation where both of us were deathly ill at once; I don’t even know how we’d deal with the girls. But, there was some kissin’ recently (come’on, it was New Year’s Eve!), and I have no doubt that some of her viral commandos jumped ship and are right now bivouacked in my guts.

Any day now with the cramping and aching and shitting out my brains, I’m sure.

Actually, we have a client in the agency today and I’ll be presenting my part of the pitch in about two hours. I fully expect the symptoms to start oh, about ten minutes before I’m on.

All I have on my side is Airborne and clean livin’.

Pray for me.


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