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CELLAR HELLER DAY 3 12:15pm update

The third and final day! It's been a little challenging to write updates with the entire family home... but The Scientist is wrangling the girls right now, giving me a second to update.

The usual crew (plus one extra guy) got here around 10am. They promptly started dragging in buckets of gravel and conveniently staging them right where I wanted to walk.

Before laying the gravel bed, they drilled "weep holes" in the blocks at ground level to release any standing water. Surprisingly, there wasn't much. Then, after the final connections were made in the pipe (including the clear-out fittings) everything was buried in gravel.

That's double-washed #57 river rock, in case you're wondering.

Next comes the hook-up of the battery back-up for the pump, and a final layer of cement on everything. Couple more hours, and we should be high and dry for good.




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