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#213 In which our hero pines for an adventure, of sorts.

I’ve found myself being rather envious of other people lately.

And not in the typical ways, either (i.e., why am I not rich like [insert name of sports figure/rock star/actor/musician here]?) People around me have been having adventures, and I want in.

First, about a month ago, a co-worker suddenly announced that she was quitting her job and moving to South Korea to teach English. She had no teaching experience (or qualifications, as far as I can tell; however, she was rather articulate) and speaks no Korean. This drastic change in scenery appears to come out of the blue. However, one assumes that this had been planned for months, if not years. To make the entire experience tilt farther to the surreal side of things, she has stark white hair and is crazy tall (she may be as tall as I am, which is 6’2”) Anyway, I’ve been following her progress on her myspace page (which makes my skin crawl a little, but that’s where the updates are) and I was amused to read that she’s teaching children. I assumed she was teaching adults. She would tower over most adults in South Korea, I imagine; but she must seem absolutely Everest-esque to children.

But what an adventure, huh? To chuck it all and just dive into a foreign culture; one in which you don’t even speak the language! She’s in her early twenties, and apparently has nothing (besides friends and family, I guess) to keep her in the states--so why not? I’ve briefly traveled outside of the country, but never lived abroad. It must be fascinating, terrifying and exhilarating all at once.

Then, last week, another co-worker quit to realize her dream of opening her own portrait studio. She works in oils, and rented a gallery/work space in which she will, presumably, spend her days painting and showing her artwork. This co-worker is not so young, and had been saving for years to make this happen. While I’m no artist, I really admire her for leaving the certainty of a regular paycheck to do what she loves to do. It’s perhaps not as radical as flying to the opposite side of the globe, but leaving corporate America to live the Bohemian lifestyle has to be at least as frightening and exciting.

Finally, I find myself envious of my buddy’s two teenage boys. See, they’re in a band. I’ve never seen them play, so I can’t really say if they’re good or not… but it kinda doesn’t matter. They’re getting gigs, they’re out there rockin’ it! It’s got to be a thrill to be up on stage and have everyone looking at you, everyone boppin’ their heads along to your beat. I’ve never going to be a rock star (the fact that I don’t play an instrument is probably the first hurdle) and I’ll never know what it’s like to have people clapping and screaming along to music I wrote. It’s got to be such a rush.

So, yeah, these people are having adventures, both big and small, and I wish I could go along.

If only as a roadie.


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Blogger craig said...

Yes, Bob... knowing you is an adventure.

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