Skrip - tyur' - i - ent: adj. Possessing the violent desire to write.



Recent bedtime conversation with my oldest:

LILY: Daddy?
ME: Yes, honey?
LILY: I want 'too-loo.
ME: Who do you want, honey?
LILY: 'Coo-loo!
ME: Oh! You mean Cthulhu? *
LILY: Yeah! Ca-too-loo!
ME: I don't know where Cthulhu is right now, honey.
LILY: Maybe he's lost!
ME: Oh no, sweetheart. Cthulhu isn't lost... he's sleeping.

* What? You don't have a stuffed Cthulhu?


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Blogger Lil Kate said...

Where did you even find that?

And look at all of that curly red hair!!! :)

4:29 PM

Blogger craig said...

At a "Renaissance Faire" years ago. It amuses me to no end that Lily likes to play with it.

When my daughter is devoured by the deep ones, I'll know I've paid the ultimate price for my hubris.

4:39 PM

Blogger MistressBioNerd said...

I don't know why, but it just cracks me up the it's made of plaid fabric!

12:22 PM


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