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Just finished watching The Next Iron Chef and I'm stupidly excited that the guy from Cleveland won. I'm not sure why... I'm not a Cleveland represent! sort of person; I mean, I moved up here because the woman I wanted to marry lived here... that's it. I'm not passionate about Cleveland.
But it does get old when people use Cleveland as an easy punchline. But while I know plenty of people who are all how dare you! when someone maligns the city, I don't really care. I mean, yeah, Cleveland does suck sometimes, I agree. In fact, stick around for about a week and you'll see for yourself when it starts dumping snow.

But, I do live here, and I'm raising my family here, so it's nice when Cleveland gets a break. So hey, Michael Symon, good on you for winning the big prize! The local paper has been abuzz lately about how Symon's performance is putting Cleveland on the map, culinarily speaking. I don't know about that, but Symon seems like a really nice guy, and I'm glad he won. I don't think his losing would have put the city into a funk (like a certain professional baseball team) but it's nice not to come in second again.

So, thanks for putting it all out there, Mike. Maybe The Scientist and I will make an effort to eat at one of your restaurants now.


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Anonymous janice said...

Ok, this is coming from a Pittsburgher, so keep that in mind...but Cleveland kicks ass from a cultural pov. It is definitely underrated. I think that both Cleveland and Pittsburgh share some of the same "red headed step child" self deprecation issues, which is probably why there is such a rivalry between the two cities at times. Both have deep working class, immigrant roots (but then who doesn't?) Still, Cleveland is at least willing to push the envelope and try to be different. Restaurants around here that try to be daring by being only different (not putting fries on a salad, for example) tend to fail because different=bad. It's sad to see because both areas offer quite a bit of potential and have the added benefit of being neat places to raise a family...

8:44 AM

Blogger craig said...

"not putting fries on a salad"

That made me laugh. Because, as much as I like fancy food now and again, I loves me some steak salad with fries on top. I'm just an Ohio hillbilly at heart, I guess.

8:59 AM

Anonymous janice said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, steak salad with fries is one of my favorite things, and one of the things I missed when I was living away from here, you shoulda seen the looks I got when I dumped fries on a salad in California! ;)

9:48 AM


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