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As promised, photographic evidence of the Fancy Pants party.

First up, me, in all my, ahem, glory.

The identities of the other party-goers have been obscured to protect the innocent. Or, mostly innocent.

A co-worker of The Scientist, along with her man. They were good sports, and she won the prize for "pants with the most stuff on them."

The Scientist. I still say those are some sexy pants. As of yet, I have been unable to get her to wear them again.
Friend and former co-worker of my wife's. The shirt really says it all.

"Flasher pants."

Probably the fanciest hand-made pants of the evening. This is M., The Scientist's best friend and winner of pants trivia.

My buddy J., co-conspirator with my wife to hold this surprise party. Winner of "Most Colorful Pants." That's his son in the background (in girl's pants) doing, um, oh, never mind.

Clown pants.

Finally, the winner of "Grand Master of Pants." When in doubt, go lederhosen.

The Scientist and I sucking at Guitar Hero. This is my second pants of the night, after the see-through ones got a little steamy.

And that's all we got! Look for a bigger, better and even fancier Fancy Pants party in 2008!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those pants are even more Christian Michael de Pole than I imagined :P


3:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey....Your fancy pants....
I saw Christmas balls!

And The Scientist's ass looks awesome in plaid. Just saying.
But mainly your balls.

9:16 PM

Blogger craig said...

I've contacted the Pickerington authorities. Freak.

9:24 PM

Anonymous Bob said...

What no "junk" Pants? I'm cut to the quick....

8:40 PM

Blogger craig said...

Bob, this is a family publication.

8:58 AM


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