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#241 In which our hero looks at high school photos, pt. 1

Last summer when I was home for Mom's birthday party, I went through some of my old high school stuff that Mom still had in a drawer. Typical junk... HS letter in football, National Honor Society pin, yearbooks, etc. I also found a stack of senior pictures. And, being the lover of schadenfreude that I am, I figured I'd let you, my faithful readers, share in what is sure to be a very uncomfortable group of comments.

Here's the first six off the top of the stack, in no particular order.


to a real crazy guy who has a funny sense of humor. (Thanks for all the rides you gave me.) You have a great personality and you will go places with a personality like that. Remember all the fun times during this last year & good luck in the future.

Well, that's nice. Seems pretty typical of HS picture comments. A little too typical, as we will see. Also, unlike some of the photos, I remember what she means with "thanks for all the rides." I drove to school and Teresa walked, and as I drove right past her house on the way home, I'd often give her a ride.


You are one sexy guy! No seriously, you're a super person & a great friend. I value these past 2 yrs of our friendship. We've grown so much closer. During this time, you've helped me to realize a lot about myself.

I love you!
Case in point of not remembering what a comment means. Judy and I were friends, but honestly, I don't remember us being that close. The thing is, I grew up in a little town (there were 100 people in my graduating class) so everybody knew everybody, and had for at least seven years. So while Judy and I were friends, I don't know that I ever helped her discover herself, or what-not. I guess maybe I had a greater impact on her than I realized but... jeez, I don't think so. And if we had really grown that close, she would have known that I wouldn't appreciate being called "Craigy."


To a sweet guy who's alot of fun. Enjoy band to the fulliest (haha). Good luck in all you do-you deserve the best! Keep in touch.

Oh boy. This is an embarrassing one. Shirley S. was a year older than me and I had the biggest crush on her (guess I had a thing for redheads ever back then). We were in band together, and I'm sure that's the only time I ever spoke to her. I'm frankly amazed that I worked up the nerve to ask her for a senior picture. Also, the first "keep in touch" of the lot; but certainly not the last.

And notice how the photo looks wrinkled? That's because I carried it around with me in my fabric Velcro wallet for years. Good Lord.


to a great guy that I love to be around! You always know how to make me laugh! These years in H.S. have gone by so fast. Best of luck in all you do, I know you will do great!

These high school girls certainly were liberal with the "love," huh? If a fraction of the girls who said they loved me in their HS photo really loved me in HS, it would have been a very different experience.


There are no words to describe you. You're a nice guy with a great personality and sense of humor. I hope your future brings everything you want.

Have you figured out the common thread yet? Seems like everyone in HS saw me as a great friend with a great sense of humor and a great personality. Not dating material, Good God no, but I love having you as a friend!

But I have to say that Jenn's "I hope your future brings you everything you want" feels like the most sincere thing anyone wrote on their photo, and maybe the nicest.


You are a real sweet guy, who you can always have alot of fun with. Remember all the fun times. Good luck your senior year. And gooBest wishes for the future.

Ah, my sweet Kandy.

I didn't crush on anyone in high school like I did on Kandy. I had it bad. And somehow, to this day I have no idea how, I managed to get her to agree to be my date to both the 8th grade prom and our Junior prom. Because of this, I feel like I was this close to actually living the dream and having her become my girlfriend.

This is a colossal fabrication my mind plays on me, of course. Kandy was always out of my league... I think she started dating a guy in college shortly after we went to prom together. Probably minutes after prom. And, as you can tell by her generic comments on her photo, she didn't harbor any deep seated feelings for me. She maybe appreciated it that I didn't try to grab her ass during the slow dances, but that's probably as far as her feelings for me went.

But I could be wrong. Note how she started to write "good wishes" and decided, mid-stroke, to send me "best wishes" instead. Bad composition skills or hidden desire for my bod? I choose to believe in the latter.

So anyway, that's the first six. The stories will most likely get better, and the embarrassment greater, as we go on.




Blogger Hieronymus said...

I recognize all of them, except Shirley. You'd think I'd remember that hair, but unfortunately, I don't. Of this group, I think she is the most attractive.

11:17 AM

Blogger dressagemom said...

The thing I love the best is the "Hey! I'm peeking out from behind a tree!" pose. totally goofy if you ask me. But then again my senior picture was formal and boring.

12:39 PM

Blogger craig said...

I thought Shirley was in your class. Maybe she was two years older than me. And to your claim that she is more attractive than Kandy, I say, "How dare you, sir!"

6:45 PM


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