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Okay, here’s the deal with comments: I’ve changed them to moderated, which means that I have to approve anything that gets posted. This is a chickenshit move, and it normally isn’t something I would do. Lord knows I’ve never backed down from a confrontation or hesitated to address a bullshit situation in the past.


The last couple of days a certain person has been posting anonymous comments to my site, saying shitty things about my wife. Now, I’ll set aside for a moment how cowardly it is to post anonymously, and how easy it is to feel brave behind the protective curtain of the Internet, and I’ll just say this: I won’t have it. This is my personal blog, in which I write about me, my family, and odd bits of flotsam that interest me. I’m certainly not going to let it turn into some platform from which to lob insults at the woman I love.

If you want to say shit to my wife, she has her own site, y’know? Going through me is not only fruitless, it’s also a really bad idea. I have no history with you and, honestly, that’s the way you really want to keep it.

Oh, and finally, trying to somehow shake the faith I have in my wife or damage our marriage? Ridiculous. Never going to happen. Certainly not by a hunchbacked troll such as yourself. So please, go shuffle your papers and limit the infliction of your brand of unhappiness to your own family, such as it is.


Anonymous Alice said...

I haven't gotten through your entire blog yet, but from what I've seen, shame on anyone for disparaging the Scientist (sweet nickname, by the way). You seem to be one of the fortunate few to have found love. Plus, you have a beautiful family.

10:55 PM

Anonymous Janice said...

Ditto what alice said. Shame on you anonymous!

11:10 AM

Anonymous Dave B. said...

Dude. 2 words - RE LAX. Thought you were someone else. Didn't even know The Scientist had a website. Now I know your not who I thought you were. Just messin'. I'll be sure to apologize to the little wife.

11:46 AM

Blogger craig said...

I call bullshit.

The comments "Dave B." left on my site weren't of the just breaking your balls variety... they were very specific to my wife, and very hateful.

But hey, I read this as an "okay, I'm done" statement, which is all I wanted anyway.

"Say that's-that, mattress man!"

1:58 PM


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