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Sometimes I think I watch too much TV. Then, I look back on my youth and realize that Dad and I watched three hours of TV every night. From 8-11PM, we watched whatever was on, usually not even bothering to change the channel. I was just a kid, so I guess I can be forgiven for Dukes of Hazzard, CHiPs, The A-Team and the rest… But now I only watch certain shows, and generally only then when I remember.

Here’s the shows I make an effort to watch every week:

Mondays: Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I’m loving both of these shows. As a certified comic book geek, Heroes appeals to me on a visceral level. I think this is pretty close to what it really would be like to have “super powers,” a lot of denying and hiding your secrets. I loved Nathan Petrelli’s comments about being able to fly; he basically said so what? I can fly. I don’t have guns, I don’t have super strength, what am I supposed to do, fly around and get cats out of trees? That seems like a well though-out conclusion. Far too often you pick up the typical super hero comic book and you find a guy with a super power, say, super strength. The writers never seem to explore this concept as far as it should go… yeah, he’s super strong, but is he bulletproof? If not, there’s going to be trouble, because criminals use guns nowadays.

The writer(s) of Heroes have considered this. Really given it the geek fanboy think-through. I respect that. The writers are playing it perfectly straight; the temptation to take liberties with the concept or bend reality a bit must be very strong. And the “Save the cheerleader -- save the world” tagline? Love it. It sounds so asinine as first, but it’s such a comic book concept, a butterfly flaps its wings, and all that. Okay, I could go on and on about this series, but I’ll move on.

I’m also really digging Studio 60. I was a big fan of the dead before it’s time Sports Night, and the creator of that show, Aaron Sorkin, created Studio 60. He also created a little known, short-running show called The West Wing. I’m kidding of course, The West Wing was a gigantic hit, got lots of Emmys, blah, blah, blah. I never watched The West Wing, and the few times I caught an episode I always thought, I should be watching this show. I’ve read some criticism about Sorkin’s style of writing, and how the characters in both shows have the same annoying cadence. Which is true, I guess, but not having been burnt out on it from The West Wing it doesn’t bother me.

Another reason I’m really enjoying the show is because a big part of it is about the writing and, you’ll remember, I’m a writer. Not a big New York comedy show writer, of course, but I occasionally write (or try to write) funny things.

Now, writing is just about the most boring thing you could put on TV. If you were to watch me at work, you’d see me typing, then typing some more, then getting up for a cup of coffee, then more typing, then a thoughtful pause as I think about something, look it up on the Internet, discard the idea, then type some more. And I’m not going to start with the boo-hoo-hoo-my-job-is-hard stuff because I have friends reading this who would be right there to bust my balls about it (and rightfully so) but I do appreciate it that Studio 60 shows that there’s more to writing than some people might think.

You know what else is on Mondays? How I Met Your Mother. This is another awesome show that I started to watch, and for some reason it fell off my radar. Most likely because it’s on at 8PM, and with both girls still up there’s no way I can sit down and watch TV -- or at least hear what the people are saying if I do. But it’s really good, you kidless people should watch it.

Tuesdays: Nothing

I’m not watching anything on Tuesdays. However, looking at the TV listings I see that House is on Tuesday’s at 9PM. The few times I’ve watched that show (all reruns on cable) I’ve enjoyed it. Maybe I should be watching it. Eh.

Wednesdays: Top Chef

I’m out most Wednesday nights at practice, so I don’t watch anything until I get home. Then I always try to catch Top Chef on Bravo. I’ve written about it before, so I won’t go into details. All I’ll say is that Sam is smart money to win this season: he’s smart, low-key and very talented. And, far as I can tell, not a giant asshole.

Thursdays: My Name is Earl, The Office

Best hour on TV. Earl is consistently smart and funny, and I think people don’t get just how hilarious Jaime Pressly really is. Do yourself a favor and Tivo it forever.

And I’ve been sucked into The Office. I fought it at first, mostly because I figured it would be another shitty rip-off of a British show. But I’m a sloppy romantic at heart, and who isn’t rooting for Pam and Jim to finally make it in the end?

Fridays: Battlestar Galatica

Holy crap, best drama on TV. Not best sci-fi, best show hands down. I keep missing it because I’m doing something or other on Friday evenings, but I seriously kick myself in the ass afterwards. I don’t even have time to go into why it’s so good. Just trust me; geek or no, there’s something for you to love on this show. And I’m not just talking about Boomer. Rarrr!

Sundays: Nothing

I should be watching Desperate Housewives, I guess. Eh. I was kinda into the first season, then completely lost interest. I hear it’s going downhill, but I find it hard to care.

So there you have it. Now you know when not to call me.


Blogger Lil Kate said...

Wow. I'm right there with you with How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Studio 60, My Name is Earl, The Office AND Battlestar Galactica.

What I realized today: a lot of the same "mutant powers" from X-Men are showing up as "evolutionary leaps" in Heroes: Wolverine = Claire with the healing, Rogue = Peter Petrelli with the copying, Gene = Silor (sp?) with the telekenesis, etc. I'm curious to see what pops up next.

3:13 PM

Blogger craig said...

Nice to hear it's not just comic book geeks such as myself enjoying that show. Who knows, it might even stay around for more than half a season.

4:02 PM

Anonymous janice said...

I love the office, and wish I was in a band called Scrantonicity, I haven't watched Heroes mostly because I can't follow anything religiously (I am a recovering catholic after all) and am afraid that I'd be lost if I don't watch on a regular basis. Maybe I'll check it out (after sedating the offspring, of course). Oh, and I loved CHiPs, even more after Space Ghost Coast to Coast...

6:22 PM


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