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Eight hours later, we arrived in Maryland without incident. I have to say that the girls, once again, were fantastic. Strapped into car seats for seven hours, only getting out twice (once for dinner and once for a quick potty/gas stop) isn't the most fun for anyone, let alone a four- and two-year-old. Yet, they watched movies (thank you portable DVD player; if you were a living thing I'd offer you sexual favors for how much better you make my life on these trips) and slept. They conked out for good around 10pm, and we were able to get here, unload the car and transport them into the house without waking them up. Which is, of course, awesome.

And better yet, when Lily got up at 6:30am, I immedately sent her into her grandfather's room. She tried the door, but couldn't get it open. She then came back over to my side of the bed, and in a loud whisper said, "Daddy! Pop-pop's door is locked. I can't get in!" To which I answered, "Did you try knocking?"

So then I heard Lily knocking on their bedroom door for a good eight minutes before he finally got up and let Lily in. Macey woke up soon thereafter and followed her sister.

And The Scientist and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

For this, if nothing else, I am truly thankful.


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