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#243 In which our hero looks at high school photos, part 3

Sorry for the radio silence lately; it's been busy at work and, as you know, I only like to blog on company time. So, here's the final batch of HS photos:

To a great guy with a terrific personality. Remember all the fun times during our senior year and good luck in all your future plans. Oh, I forgot I'm suppose to tell you. Keep the fuzzie naval, it adds to your character. (just kidding)


Here's another one that confuses me. Fuzzy Naval? That must mean something, but I have no recollection whatsoever of the context. Given my preference for booze that tastes like candy, you might think it was a drinking thing, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I guess it might have something to do with my actual naval, but damned if I know what Marie might actually have seen that.

Interesting aside: Marie was always a pretty straight-laced girl; we sat next to each other for a couple of classes and she had a dry sense of humor. But at the five year reunion, she showed up and was all slutty looking! It was such a bizarre 180 turn that I didn't know what to make of it. People change, I guess. I'm not saying that she was slutty, just that she dressed that way.


To a good looking, sensitive and funny guy. You've been a good friend that I'll never forget. Have fun and good for the rest of your senior year. Keep in touch.

"Good looking" ? That's awesome! I didn't get a lot of comments like that (in fact, including Kelly's I got one comment like that) so that's a nice little ego boost. Kelly was that super quiet and shy girl that never really talked in class. I sat next to her in a couple of classes, and chatted with her. She was really nice. Her sideways message is unique in all the photos I received.


To a really sweet and careing guy who can always make you laugh no matter what kind of mood your in. Good luck in the future. Keep in touch.


Another girl in my class. We didn't really hang out in the same circles. She probably had to work to think of something to write. Not sure why she would ID me as "caring." But that's better than "asshole-y."

You're a great friend with a good sense of humor. You always bring a smile to my face.
Remember all of our crazy times in highs school. We've had some really good times. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

P.S. I'm still watching out for thunder-storms.
Ah, Debi. Had a huge crush on her our junior and senior years. I thought we would have been an excellent match, boyfriend/girlfriend-wise. Debi, it seems, did not concur. Unlike most of my crushes, I actually tried to do something about this one. Never coming right out and saying, "Hey, you want to date?" of course, but I did take her to lunch, once. But, she only had eyes for an upperclassman named Mike. And he wasn't that interested in her. Oh the humanity!

Also, the thunder storms thing? No idea.

You leave me speechless! What can I say!? We've had some pretty wild & crazy times together that I wouldn't have missed for the world! I can't believe we're finally seniors. Never forget the great times our class has shared and hope for more int he future.


And the final crush of the season (and another redhead, to boot). However, in this case, Lisa and I actually dated for a time. A very brief time. I can't even imagine what a dork I must have been... because I had been crushing on Lisa for some time, then she actually agreed to go out with me (hopefully not by checking the YES box on a mash note, but I don't really remember). I was over the moon. But, this relationship probably lasted all of a couple weeks. I think we kissed maybe once or twice. She pulled the plug, of course.

Years later we made out at a drunken college party. I don't remember much of it. Had I thought that I might have had a snowballs chance of hooking up with her at this party I wouldn't have drunk as much as I did.

So, that's it. Kinda a pathetically small number of photos, huh? I like to think that since my graduating class was small (around 100) that percentage-wise, I'm not that lame. Right? Not that lame? No? Oh well.




Anonymous janice said...

Hey, I just found out that my old high school has picked up your old high school for the 2008-9 football season. Should I toss down the gauntlet? (Actually, I don't really care much about football, even though that IS a residency requirement in NE Ohio/SW PA) I just thought it was interesting, given your recent reminiscing...

8:01 PM

Blogger craig said...

I *played* football and don't really care much about it. We could maybe make a drinking game out of it though... that could be interesting.

And hey, welcome back. I thought you were gone forever (sniff).

11:46 PM

Anonymous janice said...

No, not gone forever, just lurking....things at my new job have been ever so hectic.

10:24 PM

Anonymous janice said...

Oops, I'm all about the drinking game, by the way, I just probably should hook up a sitter. :)

10:25 PM


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