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#095 In which our hero celebrates a milestone and stuff.

Nothing major to report, just a few odds and ends:

A week ago I got my automatic renewal notice for That means I've been at this thing for a year. Happy birthday! Not a major milestone for you maybe, but I'm rather impressed with myself. And with ninety-four entries on the books, I've been updating about every four days. That doesn't suck.

My oldest daughter is currently on an Elmo fast. The whole watching Elmo videos over and over thing was becoming a little obsessive, so The Scientist thought it best to cut out all Elmo-related viewing for a while. The results have been that Lily is reading her books more and is less whiney. Of course, she still launches into "Elmo-Elmo-Elmo!!" now and again, but we gently correct her and say, "That's not Elmo, that's your daddy" or what-not. Of course, the little girl looks at us like, "Are you kidding me? Am I being raised by morons? I'm not talking about that guy, I'm talking about my secret lover on TV! Keep up, would'ya?" The Scientist's plan is to re-introduce Elmo at a latter date, sometime when Lily isn't expecting it. I think that will be akin to handing an alcoholic a shot of whiskey with his 100 day sober pin, but we'll see.

Did I tell you I got a new car? 2005 Ford Focus. I have to say I like it a lot. The father-in-law came with me to do the haggling since I hate that shit and am no good at it, and he got me a good deal, I think. I'm just happy to have a vehicle in which the gas gauge and radio work. I dig the styling, too... sorta looks like a space ship. Now that I have one I've started to notice just how many Ford Foci there are on the road.


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