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Couple of words/phrases that I’ve heard in the last couple of days that make my skin crawl a bit.

As in, “I totally heart this new wallpaper!” Get it? Like it was a little heart icon, but you actually say “heart” out loud when you read it? Ugh. But I do enjoy this.

Moving forward
I don’t know if this phrase lives outside of the advertising industry, but it sounds so BS-business-speaky that I have to guess it does. The reason I hate it so much is that I’ve only ever heard it used to dismiss the point someone (usually me) was just making.

CLIENT: We don’t want to use the low price message in this piece.
COPYWRITER: You told me to use the low price message.
CLIENT: Um hmm. Well, moving forward, we don’t want to use the low price messaging.

God help me, I just used this phrase in a meeting yesterday. And it was totally to dismiss a point the client was trying to make.

I’ve hated this word for some time, without any good reason other than I don’t like the sound of it. Blog. It’s just an ugly sounding word, the sound you might make if your drunken burp was on the verge of turning into puke. However, I find myself softening in my hated lately. When I refer to this website I find myself saying, “My website,” or “my online journal,” or some other equally awkward phrase that is clearly just me dancing around the word “blog.” The rest of the world has accepted it, perhaps it’s time I do, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Craig -

Glad to see you're back.

I also hate the word "blog". But not as much as I hate "blogosphere".

"Moving forward" has been a pet peeve of mine for what seems like years. I want to scream "How about when we move backward? Huh? What do we do then?"

And don't leave me hanging on reasons II and III.


4:29 PM

Blogger craig said...

No worries, reasons II & III are coming soon.

Glad you didn't give up on me. How do you like the new look?

7:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new look is fine, but I miss the buffalo. And what's with "897"?

10:21 AM

Blogger craig said...

Eh, the "897" is just part of the Blogger template I'm using. I feel like I'm cheating a bit, not using my own design. But holy hell is it easier to post using Blogger. I'll suffer a little design inflexibility to be able to post quickly and easily (not to mention have other features, like, say, comments).

And you can still find the buffalo here:

11:27 AM


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