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Right now, my wife is meeting with a psychic. A horse psychic. I am, of course, incredulous about the whole thing. I mean, I do believe that there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy, but reading a horse’s mind? Come on!

I’m a little more okay with the concept of reading other people, ie., other humans… not that I really buy into tarot card readers or the like, but it at least seems possible. Maybe. But horses? Do horses really think like people do? If you really could peer into the equine brain, would you even be able to decipher what you find there?

But, in all fairness to The Scientist*, I will reserve judgment until I hear what this lady had to say. I mean, if she says, “his right front knee hurts him” I’m certainly more willing to buy it than something like, “He says he wishes you would feed him more sugar cubes.”

The bottom line is that I don’t like to be screwed over (and by extension, see my loved ones screwed over) and I think that most of this hokum is smoke and mirrors, con man stuff. I can’t get over the idea that this horse psychic is silently laughing to herself the entire time she feeds her line of BS to my wife. And if she’s not just making stuff up wholesale, I suspect that she’s using a cold reading technique to tell my wife what she wants to hear.

I asked The Scientist what she expected to get out of this psychic. She just wants to know if her horse hurts, and if so, where, she tells me. But really… is she going to make adjustments to her horses care based on what a psychic told her? Honestly? I mean, my wife is smarter than that.

Anyway… I’m sure there will be more written about this, and soon. I’ve been a bit of a dick and promised The Scientist that I’d stop teasing her about this. I love her and I will stop. Mostly. If I pushed it too far… well, you don’t have to be a psychic to figure out what would happen.

* Yes, scientist, as in someone who works in science.


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