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The crimes:

“You didn’t buy me any cupcakes.”

“You didn’t buy me that big car.”

“You didn’t get me any medicine.”

“You didn’t let me go into that room!”

The verdict:

“You’re not a very good daddy!”

It’s true, when we went to the supermarket I didn’t buy Lily any cupcakes as requested, nor did I get her the giant die-cast car she saw; and we were there to get medicine for her sister, not her. And finally, I wouldn’t let her go into the play room… it would have been difficult to explain that I don’t really trust her well-being to a minimum wage highschooler, let alone explain the “must be potty-trained” policy.

However, I think condemning me as “not a very good daddy” is a little harsh, and I plan to appeal.


Anonymous Meghan said...

If it's any consolation, I'm quite often the worst mommy in the world for reasons not even as clear as Lily's. I even offered once to find him a better mommy, but he wouldn't get his coat on so we could go look.

9:52 AM


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