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So, remember how I said that I have written short stories? Well, I've written a few poems, too. Since I'm up against the wall and need to post, I'll share one now. It's meant to be fun... I certainly don't consider myself a serious poet.


O! Envy the smokers!
Proud clan of tobacco and fire
Bold in their disregard of modern thought
And the warnings of surgeons or generals.

Huddled together in designated areas
Segregated, disdained, and shunned
Raspy voices discuss future plans
Shrouded in nicotine’s blue haze

Bound by a single cause
A three minute shared experience
Non-smokers give them wide berth
Frightened by their hacking cant

Ivory prison currency
Passed between yellow-tinged fingertips
Cowboy pride fortifying them
When life becomes a drag

A dying breed
They are loyal to the pack
Fighting with flint and steel
Against those who would snuff them out.


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Blogger keri said...

i love this hah yeah right y would u make an ode to smoking it is totally bad for u and it is stupid

5:46 PM


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