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#096 In which our hero is unenthusiastic.

In case you didn't catch it before, I live in Cleveland. And when I say that, it's not - as legion of stand-up comedians would have you believe - in a hang-dawg, down-and-out, "I live in Cleveland, the city who's river caught fire, so please pity me" way... but neither is it in a chipper, "I live in Cleveland! The birthplace of rock and roll!!" fashion either. It's just a fact: I live in Cleveland.

I find myself neither excited or disappointed about it. I didn't choose to live in Cleveland, I moved here to be with The Scientist. I used to live in Columbus (Ohio, or course) and I enjoyed that city quite a bit. But, I think that has more to do with the fact that it was where I moved to from the tiny, podunk village I grew up in.

Anyway, today's meanderings were inspired by The Midwest Grrl's post today.

Man, that girl loves Cleveland. I find myself jealous of her love. I wish I were passionate about the city. I think it would be great to evangelize to people about the beauty and wonder that is Cleveland... to sneer and correct people when they use Cleveland as a punch line, to leap into an over-produced production number and shout, "Cleveland Rocks!"

But I don't care that much, really. I mean, the city has given me opportunities, which is cool. But, the job opportunity that originally brought me to Cleveland turned sour and plunged me into a year and a half of unemployment that was nearly the worst period of my adult life. I've met some great people in Cleveland, but I have to drive more than a hour across town to hang out with some of them. So it's give and take, y'know?

I don't hate the city, but I don't love it, either. I just live here. Of course, when the snow comes down in great smothering blankets of white and gray, I often say to The Scientist, "You couldn't have lived in Virginia? Or someplace warm?" But, I always follow up that thought with, "Well, at least Cleveland knows how to plow the streets on a timely basis."

Am I apathetic? Or just wishy-washy? I can't even come up with a clever way to end this entry. I guess all I can say is this:

Thanks, Cleveland, for not completely sucking.


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