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Just a reminder, Katie Couric takes over as sole news anchor of the CBS Evening News tonight. Tune in and watch the downfall.

I have ranted about Miss Couric before, so I won’t repeat myself.

I’m more excited about this than I ever was for Who Wants to be a Superhero? ! This is going to be reality TV at it’s best. And to all those who think that Katie will do just fine, and there’s nothing to worry about… the CBS marketing department doesn’t agree with you.

By digitally taking 20 pounds (which seems like a generous assessment, if you ask me) off her photo, CBS has made it clear that Katie’s presence behind the news desk isn’t all about journalistic ability and credibility… it’s about ratings and looking good on camera.

I predict that her first time out is going to be a confused mixture of grim-faced news reads and inappropriate smiles… The Today Show has plenty of serious segments, but Katie’s going to be at a loss with such an unrelenting string of serious stories. And America isn’t going to like it when their de facto “sweetheart” doesn’t get to laugh and giggle like they’re used to.

Once again, my prediction: within six months something will change with the newscast, most likely the addition of an older, serious male co-anchor.

I hear Bryant Gumbel is looking for work.


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